Why Join the Stockton Area Chamber of Commerce?

The benefits of Chamber membership are numerous.  Some benefits will be more important to you than others.  The main benefits though are universal.  Chamber membership conveys credibility and stability to your customers.  Being a member of the Stockton Area Chamber of Commerce will open the door to many contacts that can help your business grow through the power of referrals and networking.

A national study reveals that membership in a local chamber of commerce can significantly boost a businesses' image among consumers, as well as among other businesses.

The study, conducted by The Schapiro Group, an Atlanta-based strategic consulting firm, found that when respondents were told that a particular small business was a member of its local chamber, they were 44 percent more likely to rate it favorably than study respondents who were not told of the chamber affiliation.  Respondents were also 63 percent more likely to want to purchase goods or services from a small business that is a chamber member.

Chamber membership is an investment in your business and the Stockton Area Chamber of Commerce is the voice for small business in Stockton and the Stockton area.

If you would like more information about membership and how it can help your business, please drop in, call in or click in.

Mary Norell
Executive Director


Stockton Area Chamber of Commerce

3 Public Square, P.O. Box 410

Stockton, MO 65785



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